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Javaone San Francisco 2006

Just got back from a 5 day trip to SF.
Was at the Sun JavaOne conference. Took the opportunity to meet
some friends. Check out new products and ideas for the future.

The conference wasn't as good as I had hoped. I had attended the smaller
international ones before, this was my first global one.
Companies have to learn, don't send sales people and eye candy to a
developers conference.

I think I actually made one group cry !
Things I liked:
o Space Based Architecture, a seminar was given by a company
with some friends of the cto. The seminar sucked, they spoke about
four api's. Write, Read, Take, Delete, the architecture itself, was presented
as a big cloud. And we were to accept that everything worked, and it was
fail safe..... I'm sorry I don't buy clouds. But the concept is basic, partition
and replication of data, and store stuff as objects. Been there, done that, next..

oA company called splunk, have the
nicest log mining product, I've seen in years. I don't think they are good at data marts
and global scaled systems, but really good at the nice half GB log files. I'd buy it
if I had the cash.

oAn software management system called openlogic
Every large company has them, the quick dirty installer stuff. But having a third party
maintain a product for you, is priceless. No waiting for the only guy in your ops
team who can run ./configure; make; make install. But the really cool thing, is that
these guys let you have your own software repository and allow you to use theirs. Also
it's script-able installs. Unfortunately it's 'Groovy', java sucky script.

oThe company that did the space based architecture presentation. I like the
architecture, we've got our own at work, but their material was bad, their presentation
was really bad, and when I went to talk to them, they only had one person who could
answer questions, he kept telling me, yeah we do all that, but I don't believe it. So
GigaSpaces got a thumbs down from me.

oUModel, a product by the Altova, these are the guys who brought you XMLSpy
and a few other things. UModel is their UML modeling tool. It's a disappointment because
it's windows only. Propritary based export, so not reusable by any other product or code
IDE. And the demo I was given, wasn't great. The product has some templating that allows
you to do copywrite stuff on all generated code, but contains no macros for author, date
version etc. Also there is no concept of versioning in it, not even a source control ability, let
alone concurrency. Sorry but a thumbs down.

oSun's software and patch management, so the big boys want to compete with
RH's up2date, with an unextendable, xwindow crappy client driven service. It does have a
consolidated management node console, but with limited functionality, and no command
line interface... Emm by the way did I mention it sucked?