Personal Links

My Flickr Pjaol's Photos
My old home page

Scooter O'Leary's Blog
Scooter is my little puppy, he's a dachshund and has his own little blog. Go check it out.


This is definitely my most favorite blog out there. Done by
o Really intelligent girl
o Has a nice outlook on things, and good sense of humour
o Has a fantastic photos, and yes she is stunning, but also taken

Pink Belt Rage
This girl is really cute, and extremely interesting, and she's got
a cool podcast, recommend checking it out.

Links From Friends

Dossy's website
Dossy is a friend who is responsible for aolserver
A bit of a transvestite troll lover, but still an all round good guy.

Dave Bushe
A former work mate in London. Mostly Dave is a sleeze bag but he has bad points as well.

Andy Lock
One of my best mates back in London, andy and I have traveled a fair amount, drank all the way and back.

P.J. Camp
This is P.J's website, at the moment all she's got are her paintings and some personal stuff
about her readling lists and so on.

The Mesmers
The Mesmers, a cool little band worth checking out.