This is the archive for September 2005

That's a waste of time

So did a little work over the weekend
creating an extension of aolserver to be capible
of using libcurl, got it working
did some baseline testing, showed the other guys I work
with, only to find that one of the guys already did it...
I guess it at least got me someway back into writing
code. I've not really done much since my last job.


Bugger, my back's been playing up
Just spent an hour with little electronic ten's
thing on it, now it's numb... better get the ice-pack ready :-(

I want this Job title

Vint Cerf has just been hired as Chief Internet Evangelist
Now that's a nice job title. Others for consideration might be
Web Nemisis, Internet God, Electron Master of Binary format.....
Now back to werk

Flickr Rocks definitly rocks, and I'm beging to see some
of my mates being pretty good with their camera work
Check out Me, Dave Bushe, Andy Lock, Nick Miller

Grrr, script kiddies

Yeah, I didn't get the memo...
So someone exposed a dumbass error in xmlrpc
and some kiddies hacked it... grrrrrrrr