This is the archive for October 2005

Stupid weather

The weather matches my mood recently
It's been non-stop rain for the past couple
of days, and I'm a bit blue myself...

Hmm, I need to grab me a coffee and something
sweet, that'll cheer me up :-)

New Shoes....

Just went to the ecco tm yesterday
Got a pair of slip ons' and pedag inserts.

First time I've every worn inserts, and oh my god... is was heaven, knee and hip pain
just drifted away.

Today I was hooked on inserts, so just purchased some Walk Fits
as seen on TV crap. I hope they're as good as they say.

Oh and my new shoes are cool as well :-)

UNICEF turned Uni bomber

This is sweet, UNICEF have created a commercial
to raise awareness of children left after bombings
by blowing up smurfs!

What will their next cause be?
Don't leave the children behind? Make sure they go

Poor smurfs :-(

SupperMarket Magic

I generally walk to the supermarket, and home again
so I usually only use one of those hand baskets.

So how is it, when the cashier or bag person, packs my stuff
one hand basket turns into like 5 bags!!

Woo Hoo

So I changed jobs again, this time I've gone back into
software engineering, and back to java land.
Lets see how that goes.

Went to see serneity the other night with a friend
it wasn't too bad, a little funny. Will make an interesting DVD
but don't go too far out of your way to see it.

Am going to finally go and get my learners permit, the change
in my job has given me back my life. So I can get things
back in shape. Nobody in Virginia understands that because I've
always lived in cities, that I've never needed to drive.
*Le sigh*