This is the archive for November 2005

Show me the money

So I have been sitting on two domain names for the past year.
Originally I bought them as a I thought it would be funny only
to later realize, then could be interputated as porn.

Now I'm going to sell them, and see if they're actually worth
anything. and

The original idea was personal websites and email for friends:
e.g., or
Just never really got around to it, so lets see if they can make me
any money, baby needs a new iPod video :-D

Harrison Ford is a jinx

Harrison Ford is a total jinx.
He crashed a plane in Last flight of the Phoenix
another one in 6 days, 7 nights.

A plane, motor bike and zeplin in Indiana Jones and the last
crusade, and again in Air Force one, and he probably wrapped
the Millennium Falcon around an astroid while nobody was
looking on the set of Star Wars.

If you ever seen the fecker on the same plane as you, I advise
getting the fuck off.

A thing of beauty

Just got my griffinn technology iCurve
for my lap top. Its simple, but works so damn well
Go buy one if your a mac lap top user.
It rocks

Fatal diseases

Seems everything is a disease these days.
Heart burn is now "ACID REFLUX DISEASE"
Tossing and turning, could now be "RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME"

Half the time the cures have worse side effects than
the original disease, may cause blood clots, heart attacks
annurisms, anal seapage, and probably death.

Just wait for Bullshit-itis to come to light.

My first basketball game

Last night I again got free tickets to a game in Washingtons MCI center.
I was right in front of the cheer leaders...

Oh my god, this is single handly the best contribution America
has made to the world of sport!

I missed 3/4 of the game because of these stunning girls, but hell
it was worth it!

*In practice to be a dirty old man*

We came from monkeys damn it

Kansas has decided to go against the rest of the world
and bring intelligent design into the class rooms and to
toss out the much respected, and proven theory of evolution
by Darwin.

We came from monkeys, I look around me today and some
people haven't evolved that much. I certainly haven't before
I've had my first cup of coffee.

My semi offical job title is code monkey!
I have an affinity for bananas, and I'm hairy!!
The only thing that seperates me from monkeys is the lack of
a feces festival. Although get me drunk enough and weirder things
have happened.

Dorothy was lucky she wasn't in Kansas anymore, silly girl should have
stayed where she was.

Here's to another generation of stupid white trash red neck Americans.

Top 5 relationship donts

1. No using both hands is not an orgie.

2. Austin Power chat up lines don't work.

3. Don't get caught checking out other people
while out on a date.

4. Don't talk too much about Ex's

5. Never, never mention what your idea partner would be.

My first hockey game

I managed to get comped tickets to Capitols vs Atlanta from work
along with a huge bunch of folks from work.

It was my first hockey game, I was expecting lots of violence, plenty of
scoring, and probably Emilio Estevez screaming a rousing team chant....

Hmm, well 4 maybe 5 goals, 60 mins of a little bit of pushing and shoving
there finally was a bit of a fisty cuffs. Not much of a one, but the crowd
went wild for the 30 seconds it happened.

Now I'm convinced I need to show my work mates some Irish hurling, a good
spare up there, involves 30 players, 1 referee, and usually the crowd, and
sometimes lasts several generations....

Hockey I'm afraid ladies, is a bit of a softie sport. Them big wooses.