This is the archive for December 2005

X-Mass pressies

So I guess I am getting to old for Christmas, I went home for the holidays
and my folks had a rule, since my brother and I were spending a fortune
on travel, that nobody was to do pressents.

Coming from a family of 7, all of whom have kids bar me, that's a god send.
There are 17 nieces and nephews, so the expense of holidays like this are huge.
But despite that, I did get my folks a little something each. Most years
I get those deodorant and shower sets. This year denada, not even a sock :-/

But it's ok, tonight Lynda and I had dinner, I have to admit, she drives me insane
95% of the time, the other 5% I miss her like crazy. But she got me a really nice
pressent, a denim jacket from GAP.

I got her:
Shot glasses from Ireland (she likes collecting them)-
A cute, cuddly little sheep (obviously the toy type)-
And an iPod Nano, because she's been dropping hints for months now.

Photos of her are here, as you can
see she was more interested in her iPod than me, c'est la vie.
It was just really nice seeing a smile on her face. :-)

Now thats a Latte

Surfing about seen this
From Latte Art

Sweet cup of coffee

The Family Reunion

I survived another year at home, this time it was a family reunion
Dad was having his 70th birthday, and all my family came back home
to celebrate.

On one day when we gathered around to have our photos taken
there were 34 of us. That's 17 adults and 17 kids.
We had a photographer there who took these shots Family Reunion

The rest of my home shots are here

Bad mood

A girl I know, is just screwing me about, and I have had
it with her.

The only problem is, even though I like her, i just want a simple
life, and she is nothing less than a major handful and a pain.
The worst of it is, because we were never actually an item,
I don't even get the satisfaction of breaking up with her.

So yes I am in a really bad mood.