This is the archive for January 2006

Hiring for new position

Applications being accepted for the position of :-
Title: Senior Girl Friend
Experience: Some desired but dont require all the details
Salary: Dinner, drinks, birthday/christmas presents and popcorn at the movies
Must haves: Sense of humor, more than one language and
a brain. May compensate on brain, if looks heavily out weight other

I pay what...

So normally I just accept that my company pays me, just as my company accepts
that I turn up to work. Therefore I never actually check my payslips.

Tonight though I looked on line to see if my w2 form was available, and I'll get my
turbo tax return in early. It wasn't but I did notice that my payslips for the year
fluctuated. Since about say June somehow I've been paying nearly $200 a month
on "Washington, D.C. Income Tax".

I don't live in Washington, I don't even work there, I live and work in Virginia, and
I pay "Virginia Income Tax". So why the hell am I paying DC tax when I have
nothing at all to do with DC ??

The butler did it

Am watching CSI:Miami, where one of the victims was killed
with an ice-pick. Now I dont know about you, but I have never
met anyone who owns an ice-pick.

So those that mean that if you do own one, the likely hood is
that your a homicidal maniac? Because the percentages indicate
that you must be.

Also a female friend of mine, was quick to point out that you can't
make maniac without "man"..... so I took out my ice-pick and....Ice-Pick

Which one would you throw out

Imagine a reversal of the school boy quiz. A boat
in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks, has three
passengers. But the boat can only hold two people.
One must be thrown out, and the passengers are:
Bill O'Reilly, Pat Buchanan, and President G.W. Bushe.

Which one would you choose?

Perl porn

Found an interesting perl module today
haven't played with it, but it's supposed to be
an interface to playboy playmate directory

Allows you to look them up by date, I wonder if theres an API to
allow you look up by features... must investigate

Cant tell the difference between blondes

Something must be wrong with me
I seem to have the inability to tell the difference between blondes
For instance there is a show on ABC called Hope and Faith
Where the two lead characters are drop dead georgous, but for the life of me I can't tell the difference
between them.... I think I'm blonde blind.

Legal aspects of photography

Found this colum interesting, concerning the legal aspects of photography.
Apparently it's legal to shoot almost anything, just as long as your not invading
the expected or perceived privacy of subject matter.

New digital camera? Know how, where you can use it by Andrew Kantor provides a lot of insight
into the legalities of the latest craze of photographic expressionism.
Again another link take from Zannah, she always get's the
good stuff.

The truth hurts

Dave Letterman
One of my most favorite chat show hosts, just had my least favorite hosts on.
Bill O'Reilly From the O'Reilly Factor
the most idiotic, ridiculous, foolish, red neck loving nincompoops ever to be genetically created
was on his show.

Letterman, in an argument about the Iraqi war stated:
"I'm not intelligent enough to argue the point with you, but I do believe 60% of what you say is crap"

Dave Letterman, you are my hero.

End of year reviews

Everyone sends out end of year reviews
The BBC had 100 things you didnt know
Taken from Zannah who has my most favorite
blog on the web.

Rain rain go away

It's raining outside-
TV sucks, and my friends are all doing something or else
away. Virginia blows chunks, and then some.