This is the archive for February 2006

My First Driving Lesson

I did it, I got into a car and drove !!!!
Initially just around a car park, did some braking, some parking, and
some pretend those cones are children and try not to hit them :-D

Yes it's true, I've made it this far in my life and I've not driven a car before.
My friend Bill offered to teach me, so I took him up on the offer.
Did the around the parking lot, and then he said, wheres the nearest
coffee shop? So I actually drove the Starbucks !!!!!! on the road with
other cars and I didn't kill myself or anyone else!!!

We then looped around the neighborhood a few times and down the main
street. All of which had me a little nervious, I was reving a little wrong, not
stopping exactly where I should have, and a few other things, but I did it.
And have a little more confidence that I can get it done....

I was sooooo happy, I went off and bought me an xbox :-D

New Mouse, uuuu

So having made Quake 3 run on my mac laptop, and
then getting on line and kicking some ass. I found my
biggest limitation was the speed of my mouse. Soooo
I bought Logitech G5 gamers mouse for $70.

Now the damn thing is too fast and just showing how bad
of a gamer I am :-/

Red Neck Calendar

Ahh the wonders of rednecks. This bloke Jeff Foxworthy has made a fortune
from describing rednecks. He's had several books, TV shows, with the most
recent one called blue collar tv.
He also has the redneck calendar, which contains a "you might be a redneck if..."
for each day.
Of course I bought it, and am using it to torture... I mean bring pleasure to
my work colleagues each day O:-)
So far my favorite had been
"You might be a redneck if you use a slice of bread for a napkin" :-D