This is the archive for March 2006

IHop one liners

So there was a killing of a kid in an I-Hop
in Arlington, Virginia. Here are a bunch of one-liners
which untastefully makes light of it:

  • I-Hop, come hungry, leave dead...
  • Death by pancake, skipped bill, and moon lighting cop
  • This item is only available in our Arlington branch (From Mandi)
  • Do you want syrup with that 32 caliber?
  • Waiter I found a bullet in my waffle
  • Best TV quote ever

    This came from Dr. Who, episode called "Rose"

    Dr. Who: By the way I'm a doctor, whats your name?
    Rose: My Name's rose
    Dr. Who: Nice to meet you Rose, now run for your life!

    Original Dr. Who on BBC
    The Sci Fi Version of Dr. Who

    Bad bad drivers

    So it's a little premature to declare myself as a good driver
    But hell, there are some really bad drivers in Virginia.
    Yesterday I drove down to Tysons Corner mall on my own, it was cool
    I got there without any trouble, getting back was a little difficult.
    The turn coming out of it, required me going across 4 lanes of traffic
    to get to where I want, so I had a bit of a drive around.

    Loops & loops later, I'm coming home on the toll road, at one stage
    I need to go to the left lane, there's this big Cadillac about 10 feet behind
    me to my left, and a car about 20 feet in front. So I decide I'll indicate left,
    speed up and come in snugly behind the car in front.

    Indicator goes on, check behind me, check in front, speed up, then a quick
    shoulder, where I've noticed the cadi has speed up and is now behind my back wheel.
    And starts hooting his horn preventing me from coming through. Then flies past me
    and tail gates the car in front !!!. The complete as$h*l3, forced me to back into my
    lane and his horn made me swerve.

    Later that night I'm coming home from a drive through, only to see someone
    come over the middle barrier, taking a sign with him and half his bumper.
    He was 20 seconds away from hitting me and the pickups in front of me.
    Thankfully there was a police car right behind me. Guy stumbled out of the car
    and looked as drunk as a skunk.

    Even though I've only been driving a week, and it's made a huge difference to my life
    I'm now getting worried about all the dumb-asses driving around me.

    The most amazing video

    This is the most amazing video about sand paintings

    Check it out

    Happy birthday to me

    Got my drivers license today, and collected my car this evening
    and drove it all the way home.

    A little paranoid, i've checked to make sure that I locked the car
    then I checked again to make sure i didn't unlock it while checking
    to make sure it was locked... *sigh* I'm not going to sleep tonight
    worrying about it am i :-)

    Now I've got to name it....
    Submit suggestions by all means

    Well Holy F**K

    So I bought my very first car
    Brand new, scion xB. My friend Adam gave me a ride to the dealership
    where I got to take the baby out for a quick test drive.

    Where I made a couple of mistakes, yes it was obvious that I was
    a new driver.

    1) Didn't see a merge lane to take a right hand turn, had to do a
    last minute switch to another lane, not so bad.

    2) Nearly missed a stop sign, didn't see it till last minute.

    3) Someone flashed their lights at me, we then realized that I didn't
    have my headlights on, just the damn side lights. No shagging wonder
    I couldn't really make out the lines and missed the flipping merge lane
    and saw the stop sign at last minute.

    But I bought the thing, I was already approved for finance, having gotten
    my brother to be a co-applicant. Only to discover, that this month my
    credit history came into play, up until now it's been too short. And my
    flipping rating was 750 !!! which is quiet nice I'm told :-)
    So I didn't actually need my brothers help, but it was still good of him.

    Buying the car
    Selected the add on's for the car, I didn't want to spend $300 bucks on
    an iPod connection radio, as well, a griffen technology broadcaster which
    hooks into the radio cost $30 and does the job v.well. But the damn car
    already had it and the couldn't remove built in options.

    Then the real extras:
    o Your car will get screwed because of acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap
    - you need additional coating on your paint : $300
    o The under carraige will get destroyed because of salt corrosion
    - you need some magic thing to stop it : $300
    o Some other third option, buggered if I know what it was, but probably
    something to stop your car from blowing the hell up... and yeah it cost $300

    If you get all of them together it'll cost only $600. The acid rain protection I said
    yes to, but everything else felt like BS. I live in suburbia, what the hell are they
    expecting ?? If anything breaks, it more than likely won't get covered by their
    insurance, which is why I'm covering it with a good policy from progressive.

    Getting Insurance
    Checked out a few online sites, most don't cater for new drivers, but
    did, filed out the forms, got a quote. A bit steep but I am a first timer. Then came
    to a thing where I had to put in an old policy number. Obviously didn't have one
    so I selected the "talk to help button" and up pops a we will call you page, select now,
    5 mins, 10 mins. My thoughts were, oh shit, here we go, either it will say our service center
    is closed, or I get someone with basic english in a country on the other side of the world.
    But no, I clicked the button, bang my phone rings, and there is a guy who has my
    details on his screen and solves my issue in under 10 seconds. Now that's service !

    Now I'm planning on going to get my full license this week, and my car should be
    ready in a few days !!! woo hoo !! :-D

    I want my car !!!

    Grrrr, got approved finance for a car, considering that my credit
    history in the US is only a few months old, I was lucky that my brother
    said he'd be a co-applicant. I got their lowest rate so I'm chuffed.
    And now I actually start getting a credit history :-)

    A sales man I was dealing with last week, gave me his card, to call
    when I was ready for a test drive, so today with my approved finance
    I did. The guy didn't really seem interested, said he didn't know if
    he had one on the lot to test drive....
    Weird he did last Friday when I was in there looking around....
    so he was going to check and call me back in 10 mins.

    So is the guy like most girls I used to try and pick up in night clubs?
    Not returning my calls?

    I'm basically giving him money, all I want to do it try the damn thing out.
    Tomorrow I'm just going to call the dealership and request someone
    else, this dude has lost his commission.