This is the archive for April 2006


Hmm, somethings wrong. Don't know what it is
Am tired, frustrated, everything I'm working on feels
like a battle. All the folks I work with bring their
own soap boxes with them everywhere they go.

I get to the end of the day, and I just want to go
home and switch off my brain. No talking, nothing
complex, just vegetate.

Also today, I had to sit with someone who is senior
and walk them through basic objects, and arrays.

Sheess, I know work talk bad, bold patrick, must
get back to vegetating again. Hmm need more sugar..

The mesmers are online

So a friend of mine, Jay is in a band called The Mesmers
Who are pretty cool, so much so, another person I know who
has this excellent podcast PinkBeltRage, (Pinky we love you !) got a copy of one of the Mesmers tracks, Queen of The Cathode Ray from iTunes from me.

And she played it, Pinky (aka Joy, aka the sweetest voice on the podcast waves)
played it on her Jim Noir tribute, Admit it. You totally love Jim Noir.
You Rock !!

Americans eat soggy sandwiches

What is it about Americans and their bloody soggy sandwiches?

oNo I do not want a water soaked pickle with my sandwich
oNo I do not want the Atlantic ocean of salsa with my queasadilla
oand No Piss off with your runny sour cream !