This is the archive for July 2006

How stupid do you have to be to work here...

I took a friends kids to Chucky Cheeses recently, firstly what a head fuck
of a place. Lights, pinging, ponging beeping bopping and kids screaming...

$40 for a frozen pizza, soda and game tokens. So in this mayhem try asking
a member of staff for some cutlury. I did, and the girl looked back at me saying
cutlury? whats cutlury? .... sigh

Later on I hit a drive through, as I was running late and was needing really needing
something to eat. The queue was too bad, the girl in front of me had 2 sets of awkward orders
waited for a minute and took off. I wasn't paying attention, thought she just overtook
one of the cars to go to another window. Well nope, i pull up and the guy is giving me the
wrong order. I tried to correct him, but there was this blank look. He didn't speak much

I wasn't going to spend $15 bucks on crap food I didn't want. So eventually the manager comes over,
asks what the problem is, I explained, that I am the next order along. To which she replys
"Que?", fine so with a little communication in the medium of mime, she gets it. Hands me my order
and now is trying to figure out how to get my change, there no button for take backs....
Oh she's got the keys of the till, opens it, then can't work out how much change to give me.
I had to tell her. I mean for fuck sake, counter staff at any retail outlet should :
A) be able to speak the language of their customers
B) be able to do math !

I mean what the fuck is wrong with this picture