This is the archive for August 2006

My Heritage

Dossy found this cool little site that performs
facial recognition. All you have to do is upload your own photo and bam there you go.

I'm a handsome bastard I am :-D

You can't fix stupid

Got a call today, that was a wrong number. This girls asked for someone called
Mullan. I replied, sorry wrong number.
The silly stupid girl asked, "Are you sure?, who's talking?"
I mean, I should know,if there is someone here called Mullan, and there isn't. Why
is this incredibly stupid girl arguing with me? I replied, "Who are you? and why are
you arguing that this isn't a wrong number?" She replied "Oooh, ma-bad..."

Ron White was right, you just can't fix stupid.

How to know your project is a success

The launch announcement begins with, "Behold ......"
Two days into it, people start saying, "It cannot be controled..."
Four days into it, people start saying, "It's alive...."
Six days into it, people start saying, "Can we have it in blue, and all web 2.0 like?"

Ravens vs Giants

Got tickets to see the Ravens vs the Giants in Baltimore for a pre-season game.
Started driving to Baltimore in the middle of rush hour, took about 2 hours
to get there, and another 20 mins to get parking.

Firstly myself and friend Dave got turned back from the gates because we had camera bags.
People were able to get in with back packs which were searched, but we weren't allowed
in because of our little camera bags??? Returned to the car and dropped the bags off.

Got in, got our seats, really good seats, at the 40 yrd line, 14 rows back on the aisle.
Spitting distance from the cheerleaders. Now WTF is a football team doing with male
cheerleaders ?? Who was the dumbass who came up with that idea?

Well the game was long, un-climatic, and rather boring really, and the female cheerleaders
were only so-so. The tailgaters looked like they enjoyed themselves, I wonder do they
actually go into the games ?

Right I've gone to basketball, hockey, and now football games, my brother Mike told me
today, don't do baseball, you'll want to shoot yourself half way through... When did the fun
go out of sports?

I need a holiday

Bored, bored, bored, an interesting move for me fell through recently.
A little stupidity / lack of respect from it has me somewhat miffed, but
what can you do. Sleep with dog's, wake with fleas.

Some bloke found my blog, and associated it with my work place, left a rather
extensive business plan with the hope that I would recommend him for a position.
Emmm, Frank if your reading this, the answer is no. I do not know you, and will
not misrepresent a recommendation.

It's Tuesday the 8th of August, the thought of taking a holiday is coming to mind
I just need to get away from this place, let the mind reset, maybe things will pick
up, and I can get something of interest to do when I get back.

The question is where to go? I'm going to be in Boston in a few weeks for work, that
is of course if someone doesn't mess it up, looks like 50/50 chance of that right now.

Maybe a few days in Nantucket / Marthas vineyard. I've had a hankering to do some
game fishing recently. I miss not being near the ocean :-/