This is the archive for September 2006

Starbucks and Hitler

Went to my local starbucks over the weekend, getting my usual coffee. When I noticed the guy
behind the counter, had his hair slicked and combed back, and had a mustach. He looked like a plump
middle aged Hitler !

Ordered my coffee, and went to wait at the bar to be served, keeping my mouth shut the entire time.
But I have a habit of looking like I'm giggling when I'm just doing it mentally. Next thing I know
he's coming around the corner to change on of the cookie displays. This time I nearly lost it, as I saw
the plump middle age Hitler look a like, working in starbucks is wearing shorts under his apron.

That was it, I had to turn and face the wall and pretend I was reading the news paper as an uncontrolable
fit of giggles hit.

This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing if Mussolini will turn up !

New addition to my family

I went a little crazy last week, and got myself a puppy. What initially started out as a trip to the pet store to look maybe getting some funky fish turned into playing with puppies. The next day I came back again, I spent the night thinking how nice it would be to have a little dog again. I haven't had one since I was a kid.

So I went back to one of the stores, to see a little dachshund I played with the day before. He was still there just looking a little sadder than the rest, and that was it I was sold !

I took him home, he was nervous but was ok being separated from the other puppies. Before long we were best
buddies. So now begins the responsible phase of mmy life I guess :-)

Scooter, my puppy also has his very own blog Digital Scooter

United, we suck !

Just got back from Long Island today, spent the weekend up at my brothers.
It was ok, had a nice rental car, cost me a bit, but was still fun.
I got to drive all over the island, it was good.

Coming back was an absolute nightmare, left my brothers house just after 6am to head
to JFK. Traffic was a little heavy on LIE but not too bad, finally found the the frigging
rental car drop off. Got to the airport, and then it began.

The plane was an hour late coming into JFK, so 10:09am turns into 11:30am departure...
We get on board, and taxi out to the run way, and off we go.... until we abort !
That's right, half way down the runway, all the power drops, we break hard, then we steer
to the right. Everybody's freaking out, wondering WTF??

After 20 mins, waiting for something, we get told, some generator screwed up, and we were
going back to the terminal to have someone look at it, we're not allowed off the plane.
2 Hours later, we're given the ok and try again. And succeed in take off.

Get to Dulles, and go to get my bags, hmm, no bag. The people in the lost luggage department
were just plain rude. Another woman on my flight was there too, her bag was missing as well.
I got told that my bag had been scanned off the plane, and I just had to wait for it. She was told
they had no idea where her bag was. So I walk around checking for any bags that may have been taken
off the belt, and spot my bag in the closed over-sized rack by the wall. 30 feet away from the
the belt! The other woman's bag was there as well. One of the employees took both of our
bags off and placed them there. I found her, and showed her where it was.

Next was the parking incident. I left my car in row 8c by bus stop 13 in the long term car park.
Now I forgot what color the parking lot was. The buses all server different lots by color. I asked
one of the employees which bus do i need for 8c by stop 13.. the SOB gave me the wrong f-ing bus.
Got on, went all the way around the parking lot, and had to coming back to the terminal and find
someone else who told me the right bus. That took about another hour. I finally got home after 4pm.
A whole 10 hours after I left my bothers house. If I knew it was going to be this bad, I sure as shit
would have driven down.

Well at least this should put me up to about 62,000 air miles!