This is the archive for October 2006

Obi Sushi

Was checking out Reston Town Centers website, to find Obi Sushi was having a battle of the chefs. Even though I don't eat fish, I thought that a couple of
my friends would like it, so 3 of us, John, Julio and myself tried it out.

The battle of the chefs wasn't happening, they decided to postpone it, but all the same they accomidated
John and Julio's desire to try a battle of sushi rolls.

I stuck to the ton katsu, which I love. It was great food, good beer, and expensive saki.
The conversation was our usualy, how the solve the worlds problems with web 2.0. :-)

Julio then decided to challenge me to an SEO challenge, basically see who can get their dog's name
higher in Googles ranking. So my puppy scooter, Scooter O'Leary's blog is out there for people to visit and link to ;-)

Some people aren't fit to be ...

Dog owners!

I've just started taking my puppy to the dog park, he's only 4 months, and as he is a dachshund, I keep him
in the small dogs place. It's pretty logical, if dog is small, then use small dog playground.

As we were leaving, a couple arrive in separate cars, bringing a little poodle to play. I did think it was a shame we were leaving, it would have been nice to see scooter play with a little dog his own size.

I put scooter in the car in his crate, didn't notice where the couple with the poodle went. Next thing I hear
is a loud yelp of a dog in pain. It was a distinguishable yelp different from those that dogs at play make.
Looked around to see the woman, on her cell phone, look back and just ignore the yelp.

One second later, all hell broke loose, the yelping became more intense, more desperate, people started screaming and shouting. I looked back to see a large German Pincher run towards the opposite end of the
park with this poor poodle in his mouth. He viciously shook the poodle, as though he was pray being killed for food. The owner of the pincher was shouting "release, release", obviously this dog has had aggressive training. Finally the poodle is released from the deadly clutches of the pincher. I was sure the little dog was dead.

A woman there with her Lab had to leave the park, crying her eyes out. In all my years I've never witnessed such a sight. Having grown up on a farm, that's saying a lot!

The couple bring their dog out, checking him for marks, as several of us are asking if he's ok. With that the girl grabs a pen and paper and heads back into the park to get the name of the pincers owner. While all of us are telling them, just take the dog to the vet immediately, every moment is critical. But they wouldn't listen.

Firstly, they took a tiny defenseless dog and put him in with huge dogs.
Secondly, they didn't watch him, instead they were on their cell.
Third, once the dog is retrieved, they want someone to blame, rather than primarily look after their dog

My dog, who could only hear what was going on, got so anxious, he ended up throwing up in his crate.
I hope the poodle is alright, but I hope that these folks have enough sense to put their poodle up for adoption, they simply are not fit enough to take responsibility for a dog.

I need new cushions

My little puppy, scooter, is going through teething at the moment.
Ah, that's the f-stopThere are a few rules that come with dachshunds:

  • If it's on the ground, scooter owns it.
  • If he licks it, he owns it.
  • If it looks interesting, he owns it.
  • If it looks like something he owns, he owns it.
  • If he's ever chewed it, he owns it.

As you can see, owning a little doxie is a hand full, but so worth it. He is
just like a little baby at times, but has a rapidly developing personality. Which
makes him a great little companion.