This is the archive for November 2006

Beer good Napster bad

Had one of those duh days at work today. We were launching some products feeding
off a service I worked on. We had some hiccup's in the network operations element, but
there was enough knowledge between us to get over that easily.

Two products were to launch with this, one early in the morning, and one in the afternoon.
In the end, we launched on product, and postponed the second due to business strategy, and
some data quality issues. Oh well, feck it.

Kirin IchibanTime to chill out with some beer, looked in my fridge ahh Grolsch. But wait
what was this, the best before date said Jun 06, feck, feck, feck !
Then I saw I had a can of Kirin Ichiban, checked the base of it, it too said
03 Jun 06. What the fuck? I could have sworn I bought that less than month ago!
Double checked it, that was the date, and in the moment I was turning the can, calculating how bad could it get? I noticed
it said see below for packed on date! Please drink within 180 days.

So 06/03/06 + 180 days = Thursday 30th November Yip bloody hee !!! it's drinkable, just as long as I skull it before midnight.
That shouldn't be a problem :-D

Scooter got a playmate

Poor little scooter, I've been feeling sorry for him recently as the early nights mean we
don't see as many other dogs when we go out for a walk. When we do, the owners usually
want to quickly get home. So we haven't played with many doggies recently.

So I've done two things, first I got him a playmate, a toy dog that's bigger than him, he's got
some small ones, but they're life span is short and he gets bored of them easily. This one though is twice
scooters size and he loves it.. literally, I caught him humping it a few times already!

The second thing I've done is to sign him up for doggie day care, yes I know, he's a dog, but he's my dog
and he'll get the best care I can give him. The day care was recommended to me by a co-worker, and it's
called . First we have to
do an interview, so happy tails can determine his temperament, and put him in an appropriate class.

I'm hoping he'll like it, he gets to spend an entire day playing with other doggies and hopefully
will get lots of exercise as well

What to do, what to do....

I promised myself not to bring work into my personal life, it's a little hard to avoid it though.
Work is a mess, the company is going through a major re-org, and it's all up in the air. I keep hearing
rumors and offers of where I'm going to end up. When you have no control and no influence over
something like this, it's just better to shut and keep your head down, see what's left after the dust settles.

I did get asked today, what did I want to do, work towards becoming an architect, or head down the path
of management. Yes folks, my company branches those paths, a few managers do make it to architect, not many.
The path through engineering, requires more promotion, specialization in one field, support by directors and VP's
and then review by an architect board... Fun huh?

I've spent 10 years now on and off writing software, the stuff on the job is far from bleeding edge. Most of the time
it's integration rather than development, but hell it keeps me in the US, and the salary is palitable. Recently though
it's just been tough, mainly because of people that I need to work with. There is ego, there is impertance, so much
agression combined with selfishness, and inexperiance. The end of the day I come home mentally exhausted.
And that's just as a software engineer.

Things I'm considering at the moment :

We'll just have to see what happens.

Just told off my local Thai Restaurant

My local Thai restaurant serves quiet nice food, so I was happy to give them a good review
on and I was actually happy that they had a little discount card as well.

I was happy to sign up, until this week when I got an email from them, announcing some sort of special they have. The problem? well it cc'd all of their customers, yes that's right all of their customers email addresses were released!

So I wrote back telling them how irresponsible I felt it was, and to emphasis the problem I replied all. I hope they will at least appologise to all of their customers for such a basic mistake.

Found a new restaurant

Had a craving the other night for curry, so I went off in search of a new restaurant. Mainly because the current indian restaurant I go to is getting a little boring. So found this place in the worldgate center in Herndon called Special club of India.

Onion BhajiService was ok, food wasn't bad, and they passed the primary test I have, the onion bhaji. While it wasn't the best every, it was ok. Still a little short on body as they just make them a little small and thin. The sauce sides were nice and minty, I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

The main course was a Tikka Marsala, it was good, nice and warm, not too hot but definitly had a kick. I certainly got plenty only are about half of it, but damn it was good. Desert was Lychee and ice-cream with coffee. The tummy was happy and full, a good 8 out of 10.

The one draw back was the table of people next to me, dear lord they had the most annoying accents in the world, the Fran Drescher accent. It's like someone wearing stilettos standing on your balls while scraping their nails on a blackboard. One of the women actually cried out, "I can shout louder than you" as she replied to her name being called out while the waiter was taking orders. Yes this was going to be an annoying table.
Chirst even one of the women had to make a fuss that she was allergic to saffron, honestly why would anyone go to an indian restaurant if they were allergic to saffron. That's like going to MacDonalds while being allergic to cholesterol !