This is the archive for December 2006

It costs an arm and a leg

To get my dog neutered. I don't really want to do it, it's a guy thing, but recently I've been seeing Scooter change
and get a little more agressive and well horny around other dogs. So yeah, I'll take him to get the snip.

Talking to one of the folks in the dog park, who goes to the same vet as me, he complained about the price
he was quoted, it was $450 - $600. Doing a little google-ing, the average price is $150-$200. Hmm, so I gave
my vet a call, I wanted to know what it would cost, the price? $290 - $370.

Asked some other dog owners who all told me their dogs were rescue dogs and it cost about $100 bucks, so why is mine so high? I called around to other vets to get prices.

  • Reston Animal Hospital (my vet) $290 - $370.

  • Clocktower Animal Hospital $450.

  • Banfield Vets (the petsmart vet) $350, but free if you get their insurance.

One vet told me, they won't give out estimates unless the dog is a registered dog with them, emm yeah, you mean unless I take him in for the $75 first time visit?.. Emm no.

The Banfield insurance thing required $129 up front, and $29 per-month, but gives you free vaccinations, free neutering, and gives you emergency insurance. I'd do it except, I already took a deal through work to get VPI insurance ($33 pm - 9%), which I got after Scooter got his vacinations (because they required 30 days setup time), and only gives me $65 towards neutering. Shit if only I had done my research rather than taking the deal. All puppy or other pet owners, go to get the Banfield stuff, works out cheaper. The VPI insurance is for 12 months, so I'm going to cough up for my own vets cover.


Well this sucks...

Found out a tib-bit of information regarding my place in the next org structure of the company.
And you know, it sucks. I'm asked to take over a couple of systems I've developed the backend for
and now I'm asked to take over the UI of them too.

Not exactly happy, I'm a command line person, not a UI person, I don't mind managing people who
are UI folks but I'm not one. On top of that the UI's I'm asked to take over are high maintainence
and so badly built that extending them is painfull.

So the question I have to ask, is do I have enough funds to just leave and go back to either UK or Ireland
and get a new job, or how long will it take to be able to afford that. I don't think a package would
cover the cost of the move, as packages here are pretty poor.

Christ this is all I need