This is the archive for February 2007


Knew it would blow up, yep, the silly UI's that I inherited in my current dismal role.
I built the backend to power several websites, it's not an overly complex system
we are a little limited by knowledge of some 3rd party software but it's designed
to handle alternatives. So that's not too bad.

Then we had layoffs, then a re-org, anyone who didn't depart the project, departed the company.

So the UI's ended up in my plate, and boy does something smell fowl in the state of Denmark,
and it's all written in TCL. For the past 2 weeks, I've been 'fixing' issues with these things,
this week has been the worst. One of the UI's came back from QA on Tuesday, with a list of issues
while not fully identified, it was obvious, that the basic core functionality / requirements
for the product did not work. Had to get an escalation to get help from one of the original
folks working on it, there's in excess of 10,000 lines of TCL procedures, and I haven't even thought
of counting the amount of page code. All a little much to figure out and get working in less than
a week.

But sorted out the core functionality last week, then started cleaning up the rest of the issues this weekend,
now there are only 3 more issues, which are very pedantic, we just need to ensure our partner is
willing to work with us on making them acceptable. It seems we don't have a strong / mutually respectable
working relationship with our partner, joy of joys!

But to get to here, I had to pull 21hr day Tuesday, 10hrs Saturday, and another 12hrs Sunday.
I hate projects like this, and I am not a fan of engineers who let crap slip through their fingers
like this. This better not become a routine, as this role is not worth this crap. << Note I said role, not job, not career, aye, that's how low this thing is.

Either way, booked my flights home for March, going to spend 9 days with my family, get to see how my dad's
doing, I've been told the treatment is knocking the stuffing out of him, but he's doing ok, still going.

Hopefully I can find a friend to take care of scooter while I'm away, if not, I'll put him in either a pet hotel or my vets boarding kennel. I just really want him to have company and not be alone at night. He's only spent 1 night
away from me, at the vets, and he really came back timid and scared :-(

Bloody hell it's cold

Dear god, it's wrong to be this cold. This is the coldest weather I have ever experienced. At home
my family were on about it being bad at 3C (37F). That's flipping balmy compared to what we have now.
It is now currently 12F outside, which is -11C. Then factor in wind chill, it's expected to be between -5F and -10F.
That -20C to -23C, -23C that's crazy, the only thing in Ireland that cold, is a couple of ex-girlfriends
and liquid nitrogen !

What makes it really uncomfortable, is walking my poor little puppy in this weather, I feel sorry for the little
guy as he tries to hide behind trees and walls when the wind blows. I've got him wrapped up in his jacket and
new harness, but he still feels cold. It's a good job he's neutered, as they would have dropped off in the cold
this morning!

Going to have a hot whiskey tonight, and going to work from home tomorrow, have to see if I can get
an appointment with the vet tomorrow too, Scooters just not feeling well. Came home this evening to
find he pooped several times, and threw up a couple of times as well, all really horribly bad smelling
and he refused to eat his food.

Managed to get him to eat some rice and minced meat which helps settle his tummy, but we need to see a vet
to make sure he's ok. (fingers crossed)