This is the archive for August 2007

Feel like crap

Came home from work on Tuesday, not feeling 100%.
Tried to get some stuff done at home, and ended up falling asleep on my sofa
as usual. However woke up just before midnight shivering. Uncontrollable shivering
so much so, I had trouble making it to the bathroom. I've never shivered like that
before, and my thermostat read 65F in the sitting room.

Crawled into bed, then noticed my head was pounding, couldn't stop my teeth from
chattering. This wasn't good. Little scooter, hopped up and put his head next to mine
I think he realized I was sick.

The next morning, I could hardly move. Sent an email to work saying I wasn't coming
in, told Samantha I felt crappy. Then curled up on the sofa, to almost die :-(

Around about 1-2 pm, had enough energy to take some alka seltzer, why? Because I couldn't
tell what was and wasn't hurting, and it contains aspirin.

Later on Samantha came around, to drop Charley off for a few hours. She was a little annoyed
I didn't quiet tell her how bad I was. She came back later on to take care of me.
I haven't felt this bad since I got the Canadian cold/flu a couple of years ago. I ended up in
hospital because of that. Reason, because it's not a strain that's common in Europe.

But anyway, Sam brought comfort food (sno balls, cup cakes), ginger ale, and tea, and spent
the night putting cold compresses on me. Having lived on my own for so long, I'm not used to being
taken care of, and was a little embarrassed. But am so thankful she was here. I had a fever of 102F
and that was after I started feeling better, and some aspirin. Still suffering chills, in my body but my head was boiling, and throbbing.

Today, temperature went down to below 100F, headache is still there, joints hurt like I've been running a marathon. But I finally managed to get a little appetite back, and feel like I'm past the worst of it.
Thanks to Samantha.

Ultimate ughhh

Been a really long time since I blogged, finding it difficult, as a ton of folks
from work read it, my girlfriend reads it, I think her parents read it, and who know who else.

Since my life is a circumference for discrete wedges of either my personal life, my work, or my
dog, it's hard to find anything to actually really blog about. Without the potential of upsetting
someone who reads this... ugh

So recently a couple things have really been getting to me:

1) Scooter keeps trying to run away.
Always to the same place, and have been able to get him back within a few minutes, but it upsets me. I've got to find some sort of training or something to try and solve it.

2) Why do people keep asking me do I want to stay in the US, in front of my girlfriend?
I'm really happy with Samantha, there have been a couple of rough moment's but nothing bad, and certainly nothing that we can't get through. The answer is yes, I want to stay here, because I'm happy with Samantha, I like my place, I'm getting used to Virginia, and quality of life is good.

Sure I get homesick every now and then, but I'm nearly 30, I can deal with it, but for god sake, stop asking me stupid questions about the rest of my life in front of someone I'm still getting to know and hoping that we get to spend more of lives together.