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Geo Spatial Search Engine

Wow that's a mouth full, but that's what we've got. Well sort of, I've shown a few folks an extension
Local Solr to include Local Lucene. A weekends worth of work, simple and a quick hack.

Well it's now popular, and again with very little promotion, inside my company, there are currently 2 projects
that are going to get built against it. One of them is pretty big and a household name. Details later ;-)

On top of that, somebody out there, was looking for geospatial solution, found local lucene, just as about 5,000 people have. Looked at my cvs tree, and noticed I had Local Solr in there. So he downloaded it, tried
it and had compile issues, due to using a different version of solr.

After a couple of email's I got the guy going, and created a desktop distribution of local solr to make it easier.
Have a play with this if you want:
unzip it, or untar if your a geek like the rest of us. You need java to run this (no help there, sorry life is short)


I've included a list of new york cinemas for sample data, it's cost me $30 to get that data, so please be nice with your comments :-D

Go to solr-example/apache-solr-1.*/example and run "java -jar start.jar"
All of a sudden you will have a search engine running on your computer, woo hoo. Ohh big red apples.
Now point your browser to http://localhost:8983/localcinema/ (using firefox only, sorry again it's a quick demo) and click "go". Now either drag your map, or specify a more specific NY address or cinema.

If you like and you want to use, I'd appreciate a note letting me know, and recommend you check out Solr.

*Thanks to Andrei for providing me with some corrections*