This is the archive for October 2007

3:12Am feeling ughhh

Can't sleep, ate comfort food i.e. pizza, got up for some plink plink fizz fizz.
and seeing it's 3:12am as I look at flickr, and iGoogle.

One of the widgets is a quotes widget with:
In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Bad Day at work

The company I work for, just had a significant reduction in work force, I survived this one.
Seem to be able to get through them, although the last couple saw a bunch of folks around me

One of the frustrating parts is, how much am I in control of my future and career?
I question, can what you do make a difference? or is the future predetermined?

I need to blow off steam, as it's hard seeing more friends go, there's only one person left that
I enjoy getting coffee on a daily basis...

And every time I wonder which group is safe to be in, safe not being a place to hide, but a place
that I don't have to worry about being let go and loosing my visa sponsor, it seems that the dust
gets kicked up all over again.

Hope I got beer in the fridge....