This is the archive for January 2008

Theres klingons on the starboard bow

You ever go to a restaurant or a dinner, and get a little too much service?
You waiter or waitress is a little over enthusiastic, well I just had that this evening.
I had some indigestion from really rich food last night, and it was only about 6pm
before I felt like eating today, and because I was watch a food network tv show
about buffalo wings, I had a craving for fried chicken.

Popped over to my local silver diner, (a level up from a greasy spoon) to get some
breaded chicken tenders. The young lady who served me, definitely was new.
The tenders come with either a soup or salad, so I ordered a ceasers salad, with them.
1) She came back within a minute, going the tenders come with either a soup or salad.
- Emm, I ordered the ceasers with it.
- Oh, checks her notes, oh, ok.
2) Comes back with my drink, 30 seconds later.
3) Comes back with my salad, 10 seconds after that.
4) Comes back with my tenders, less than a minute, so I now have 2 dishes on my table.
5) Checks to make sure I have all I need, 1 minute afterwards.
6) Brings me more napkins, straight away after checking me.
7) Checks me again to make sure I'm ok with in 2 minutes.
and she continued to come back to my table every 1 - 2 minutes until I finished.

Literly in the 15 minutes I was there, she came to my table 10 maybe 11 times. I was this close -| |-
to telling her, please go away so I can eat in peace !

UGHHHHH, talk about a klingon ( a term I use for someone who has seperation anxiety ), if I get her
the next time, I'll take it to go, and hope that she doesn't follow me.

Talk about busy

Haven't had much time to myself recently, definitely need a break.
So whats been happening, locallucene and localsolr are advancing, there is an even
quicker geospatial search in it now, and it's even horizontally scaled.
Currently working on adding a boost by distance, which may improve on the sort by distance
element. So if you have a weak result, but it's the closest, boosting by distance should allow
better results get higher listings. Figuring out the scoring is a pain, but nearly there.

Added a couple of patches to Solr, which just changed it's distributed search requester from
serial to a-synchronize.

Been playing a little with my 50mm f1.8 prime lens, and just got a 70-300mm f4-5.6 I wanna
have fun with that. It's a shame I just haven't had the combination of energy and opportunity
to get and take photos. I wonder is there a botanical garden or something I can try it in or near

Scooter's been doing well, we haven't been going to the dog park recently as the weather's been bad
and the days short. But hopefully we'll go soon, Scooter needs some more doggie companionship.
Charley Samanthas doxie, has been having trouble with his ears, so we haven't had the additional
influence of him going to encourage us.

Well my washing machine is on the fritz, had to do a load of laundry at Samanthas, which was a little
unusual, but I'm thankful she offered her washing machine. The repair folks are coming tomorrow
so hopefully it won't be a big deal.