This is the archive for February 2008

Best Buy Lost a sale today..

Needing to replace a computer at home, I've been keeping an eye open at new egg,
micro center, and best buy.

I finally decided, that I'd just buy one rather than rebuild or repair the one I've got. I spent
a significant amount of money for a custom / friend built that didn't last 2 years. This time
I decided, to hell with it, just buy a factory built system, and get a warranty.

So I headed into best buys today to pick one out, the HP pavilion slimline AMD dual core seemed
decent, all I needed was to find a sales person who could answer a couple of questions:
1) Can I get it with XP rather than Vista?
- Don't really care, as I'll partition it and chuck linux on it. But XP seems more stable than Vista
just open up task manager and click on performance, and just drag an window around the desktop
you'll instantly see the difference.
2) Does it come with a restore disk or a full windows install disk?
- As I want to partition it, and install linux, I want to make sure I can reinstall Windows, in case partitioning goes south, as it often does with dual booting.

However, the staff decided they didn't want to work, there were a bunch of staff in the computer section, and 3 women customers in front of me. All the staff decided to go looking for the same computer at once,
and not return. Leaving all 4 of us customers waiting.
Finally 2 staff turned up, and spent ages talking to the 2 customers, the lady in front of me, must have asked 5 times could someone else help her, without success.
After about 40 mins, of walking around, waiting for someone, I just left. To hell with it, best buy, your staff had no idea how to explain anything to the customers, which confused them, and tied them up for ages.

Leaving someone like me who just had 2 simple questions even you guys can answer and a "I'll take that one" shopping style, walk out the door - while still saying emm, yeah, that's like 2.2Ghz, and that's like 3 GB of ram, so like it makes stuff run fast, and emm, yeah this is better than that one because it's emmm, like it's got a like a huge hard drive.

I wonder how long it actually took to assist those customers, 40 mins minimum for 2 computer sales? with 2 more customers waiting? That can't be good.

Someone needs to shake up their management.

Victoria secrets made me blue...

This evening, I came home to find an eclectic range of mail, a WETA tv letter asking me for a donation.
(How the hell did they get my name and address??)
Another extended warranty letter for my car, I'm not sure if this is a scam or not.
And a Victoria secrets catalog, hmmm, the evening was beginning to look up :-D

So I guess that VS have my address on file after I got my significant other a little pressie a while back
although I don't recall giving them my details, oh well, never look a scantly clad lady in the mouth. *cough*

However my teen-like exuberance died, when I flicked through the catalog and discovered it was their flipping shoe catalog!!! I mean WTF?? SHOES??!?!

I think you could hear me disappointedly say 'bollocks' from the breezeway in my building.
Oh well.