This is the archive for March 2008

Screw Capthca

One of the annoying things about this blog are the spam comments I get.
I'm using something called nucleus cms, which is a reasonably popular piece of blog

But the security of it, is a little weak, there was a captcha component to it, that I installed
but couldn't get the gd-libraries to work with (I'll moan about php some other time)
While investigating the code trying to figure out what call to the gd-libs was failing, I figured out
how to hack it. It took all of 30 seconds. (No I'm not posting how)

I mean come on, just because it's a pretty picture doesn't mean it's secure.

So instead, I installed a random question component, I come up with the questions, you have to answer
them to post. Not rocket science to break, but bot's are designed to post to multiple sites, not figure out
all the possible questions I pose on my one, so yes it can be broken, but it's not worth while doing it.

That I consider better than here's a generic way to bypass a few thousand sites all at once.

Photo Courses

I've been trying to find the time to do more with my camera.
While I'm no photographic expert, it's something I enjoy, and I've been looking for some sort
of course / excursion to try with it. I think I've just found the exact sort of thing I'm looking for

Am going to find something in the schedule that works and take one of the courses. Costs between $60-$90
so not a regular event, but hopefully it will hone down my flakiness.

Vista, disappearing disk space

Recently bought a HP pavilion desktop with no option but to use vista.
Initially was going to have it as a linux workstation, but when I booted up the 19'' dvi flat screen
it was just a little too pretty for me to chuck it away.

But anyway, over the past 3/4 weeks, my disk space has been disappearing. In a month nearly 100Gb
disappeared. Couldn't find it using explorer, so downloaded some disk visualization software.
That showed me jack, only that 32Gb was used by old my games and photos, yet nearly 100Gb was used in the disk.
The factory restore partition was 9.x Gb, so the only thing I could think of was raid 1 mirroring? and vista was
showing me the cylinder volumes?

Well after much digging it turns out no, if anyone else has similar issues, run cmd as administrator.
(start >programs>accessories, right click command and select run as administrator)
and run "vssadmin list shadowstorage"
Vista retains restore points, and shadow files to allow you to restore your os to a last known working versions
and also when it sleeps etc it stores shadows etc..

vssadmin will display how much disk is currently used, and what the maximum storage size is. For me with a 500Gb disk
it's s stupid 64Gb. vssadmin allows you to resize the storage size if you want as well.

More details: vssadmin