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So got my HDMI cable from and plugged it in.
First DVD I played was a Universal studios DVD, the opening sequence put me off.
The logo of the planet with the word universal looked crap, I began to worry.
It honestly looked like something a 5 year old on LSD with crayons would do.
But then the movie started, and everything became right, everything looked superb
it turns out that the universal logo hasn't been updated in years, and the image remapping
was crap on it.

I notice the same thing on a lot of web sites when I browse with my 19'' LCD monitor.
Most logos are designed to be small and look ok at small resolutions.

However back to the main point, the movie, and everything else I put played was superb!
Cheap cables rock, go to, BB monster cables are a rip off.

HDMI What?

While waiting to get the cable drop in my bedroom enabled by comcast, I decided I'll pick up a dvd player for it.
They're cheap as chips these days, I bought one for Samantha a while ago and it cost me like 30 bucks.
So while looking around BB's I saw that there were 3 types, basic cheap ones going out of style, mid-price which all included something called upconversion (I've not heard of it before, it wasn't on the news paper that get's delivered under the rock I've been hiding out in). And then high priced blu-ray.

So the blu-ray version were big bulky, fugly, and just over priced, all new technology is the same. It comes down in price later on, and also vastly decreases in size. Since I got a HDTV I wanted something that would make use of it, so the basic
dvd players were out, leaving the upconversions.

Up Conversion is where a dvd player will remap some pixels to scale and display better, converting a SD display of 750 DPI to HD display 1080dpi (dot's per inch for anyone who's not used a dot matrix printer) ;-)

So I picked up a samsung dvd player, that matches my TV, I think Samantha's rubbing off on me with getting things to match.
Saw that it supported a DVIx output, so asked the sales man does it come with a dvi cable? Nope to use upconversion, I have to use a HDMI cable.... A wha? A HDMI cable, it's what outputs your digital signal to your TV...., hmm ok maybe this is like
buying a printer, where they never supply the flipping USB cable.... A total store driven policy I'm convinced.

So just how much are the HDMI cables? Knowing BB probably not the cheapest, but screw it, if it's not overly expensive it might just be convenient to get it there. The cost? between $60 and $120.

I looked at the guy and said for a cable?, yes it's for HD, picture quality differs according to the type of cable you get...
Really? I mean it's digital, not like your messing with analogue, you just need two connectors and a flipping wire in between. Is there any circuitry in the cable? nope, it's just wire and flipping 2 connectors...

So I said screw that, went home plugged it in with the 3 AVI components, and googled HDMI. Found an article on saying exactly the same thing I thought, and a bunch of comments agreeing with the author. Shopping for HDMI cables: who do retailers think they're kidding ...

HDMI cables are a rip off, a digital signal does not require high tech connections! One of the recommendations from the site was a site called, where I purchased a HDMI cable for $3.97, and $3.30 for shipping.

I'll update this when I get the cable and can test it out, but thoughts are as long as it's a decent conductor it will be fine.
Poor quality digital signal only comes from broken / cracked wire.

Need to check my cable

Got a new TV for my bedroom, hooked it up to see "weak / no signal"
emm, why aren't all the cable outlets in my apartment working?

I certainly pay enough for it. Well will have to call comcast and get them out to sort it out.
I wouldn't mind getting a dvr as well, but want to see if I can trim down some of the packages.
Do I really need HBO, it's gotten poor since I first got it, I was just so bored of regular cable
I needed something that wasn't censored to hell and back.

I'll just have to see what they say and if it's going to cost me anything, I believe they're supposed
to hook up at least two outlets, and I've got a feeling they hooked up the second outlet in my living room.