This is the archive for August 2008

first night in new Orleans

So am on vacation, went to new orleans. This place seems interesting
Just saw the Mississippi
Ate a po'boy
Sitting in a bar drinking a sazerac
Tomorrow going to the swamp on an air boat to feed alligators

Sweeeeeeeet :-D

8:45pm CRT New Orleans

Update sazerac nice but too sweet
Trying a rob Roy hmm mixed the vermoute is a little
Hmm taste killing

I have a dream

In fact I have several dreams or ideas I really want to work on. Its a little difficult
to find time to do it though.

But one idea I'd thought I'd share.

Actually you know, maybe not, but watch this space........
This one could be special :-D

In Ireland they call it the 'Aye-Phone'

I caved, I wanted it, it was now 3g, and pretty.
So this morning I got up, went to Tysons Corners Apple store, and got in line.

Yes there's still a line, you have to get there early. But Apple seem to be relishing
a little too much in their own success. There were 30 people in front of me, but
it still took 2hrs 45mins to get to the front of the queue....

Why? because Apple decided that all phones must be activated inside the store, yeah
I'm not kidding. We were being served 1 at a time. The store had more assistants than
customers at that hour in the morning, but they couldn't speed it up. I was beginning
to fail towards the end of it. Knees were killing me, the poor guy behind me was suffering
while trying to support himself with a walking cane. This was just terrible.

One of the assistants came around handing out tickets, a pre-qualifer thing, when he took my
details, he said their was a problem I had to call AT & T, why? no idea. But I am a current AT & T
customer, and on auto pay, so what the hell could the problem be. Called their 611 number, and
after another 5 mins waiting, got through to their business customer numbers... ????

Well turns out there was some "foundation number" attached to my account, that gave me a discount..
Eh? I didn't get this phone through any work discount, I bought it from the store. Well anyway she removed
the discount, told me if i had gone to an AT & T store, this would not be an issue, it only happens
when I but my phone at apple. Emmm yeah, AT & T ran out of phones love, just click your buttons and sort this shit out, I'm standing in line...

That got sorted, I got pre-approved and continued waiting. Finally I got in, got my phone, got a case, and
was done in a few mins. So what the hell was everyone else doing??

Shhhs, I've never had to wait for anything that long.