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The 90 mins the earth stood still & the defecated all over the place

I wish it were less than 90 mins, oh my god, what an absolutely shit movie.
Reviews were on the bad side, but you know you get that with sci-fi stuff, however
I honestly believe the reviews weren't harsh enough.

Now I'm a major fan of visionary work, honestly one of my favorites movies is 'Contact'
simply because of it's actual potential, and that there was an interesting puzzle and solution.
Star trek, not a major fan of, it's ok, but no, not that much of a geek.

However 'The day the Earth stood still' 2008, was the worst movie I've seen ever, really, it was
and I've seen some bad shit in my time.

It's now top of the bad list:
#1 Day the Earth stood still 2008
- I actually considered leaving the theater.
#2 Matrix II
- Matrix I blew my mind, I loved it, no. III was a decent close, no. II sucked so hard, it felt like the cash was being taken from your pockets with a vacuum....
#3 The happening
- I mean, WTF? Markie Mark? he calls that acting? The SNL skit made sense when you bring that movie into context. 'Say hi to your mother for me'....

I've managed to get to catch up on stuff lately, got to see Batman dark knight the other night, emm, hmm it was ok, not up to the hype generated though.

There are some fantastic cult movies that I love which would have beaten any of these main streams
#1 Bubba Ho-Tep
- Bruce Campbell rocked this one, it was the best movie I've seen in years
#2 Fido
- Billy Connolly's finest hour
#3 Shaun of the dead
- Justice of the cricket bat !!


A few weeks ago, some people in the search world Erik and Ryan reached out to me to invite me to something called searchcampdc. A meeting organized by the US Library of Congress for people in the area of search and GIS systems.

Turned up on Tuesday to it, and yes with my sense of direction and gold fish like memory, I managed to get lost going to a geo-search conference.....
Got there an hour late, tried to sneak into the back row, only to be called out by name.. Yikes folks recognized me, and suggested that I sit at the table. As I sorted myself out, I looked up at the projector screen to see my name on the demo / presenter list... Oh bugger, that wasn't there yesterday...

Luckily I had created a couple of papers and a site dedicated to GIS Search several months ago. So I showed the demo, and spoke about how it was used in my company, didn't really want to bring work into it, but was stuck. Seriously need to put a proper presentation together.

Presenting at Library of Congress SearchCampDC 08It felt though, that one of the things that impressed people wasn't locallucene or localsolr, I mean all the demo does is let you click a button and see your results on a map, it was my little query location extractor or single box local search, implemented as a opensearch plugin in browsers.