This is the archive for 11 July 2008

Need to get some more hardware

Sitting at my vista desktop, looking at vmware going..... maybe I can develop on it
but I need a linux box, I need more hardware.

To my left is a p3 sony vaio laptop running UBuntu, not enough ram, or disk space for
my needs. Next to that is a dead P4 that a friend of mine built, replacing CPU, mother board,
and ram, would cost less than buying a new machine.

VPS? emm, nah, ram is expensive on those boxes... use my amazon ec2 cluster? Prehaps
I don't have access to their beta persistent storage yet, so I don't want to put my latest
on a volatile system....

I'm going to have to bite the bullet, and pick up something new, bugger, don't want to spend
money right now.