This is the archive for July 2008

Announcing GIS Search

Recently I've been putting together a site to complement the Locallucene and Local Solr
projects, The aim of the site
is to provide articles around how to use locallucene and local solr, as well as how to tap into
the GIS world.

The world is local, and many people and companies are attempting to tap in to this. For the average
person, it's not easy terribly easy to get accurate detailed information on how to make GIS work
for you, without spending a fortune on companies offering custom services.

GIS Search is designed to try and break down those barriers. Please take some time to go check
it out, and don't be afraid to click on a few links, (including the ads) ;-)


Things I lay claim to

There are a things I must lay claim to having created

1. A kick ass chicken BBQ marinade (It's a secret, but damn good)
2. A religion on face book ! (Just check out the religion 'chicken', I was the first, and now there are 11)
3. A phrase that I'm slowly introducing into the place, a parody on the six flags ad
"No flags fun!"

Yes I know, I need to get out more....

Need to get some more hardware

Sitting at my vista desktop, looking at vmware going..... maybe I can develop on it
but I need a linux box, I need more hardware.

To my left is a p3 sony vaio laptop running UBuntu, not enough ram, or disk space for
my needs. Next to that is a dead P4 that a friend of mine built, replacing CPU, mother board,
and ram, would cost less than buying a new machine.

VPS? emm, nah, ram is expensive on those boxes... use my amazon ec2 cluster? Prehaps
I don't have access to their beta persistent storage yet, so I don't want to put my latest
on a volatile system....

I'm going to have to bite the bullet, and pick up something new, bugger, don't want to spend
money right now.