Update on my father

First thanks to everyone who sent me a note of concern over the news last week, I really appreciate it.
Your thoughts honestly do give me strength.

For those that don't know, my fathers health has been declining rapidly recently, last week he fell at home.
Initially he seemed fine, a couple of hours afterward he complained of some soreness, but it dissipated.
At about 4am that night, he awoke with sever pain in his stomach, mom called the doctor, and an ambulance had to bring him to the hospital.

It turned out that his blood had thinned out substantially. He's currently on Warfarin and a significant amount of other medication. So he was held over in the hospital.
When I talked to my mom, she was telling me the hospital he's in, was under quarantine because of a rampant vomiting bug. So she isn't even allowed in to visit him. If he caught that bug in his current state, there's no way he would make it. :-(

Also, because of the quarantine, they had to keep my dad in a ward that had mixed sexes, he really isn't able for this, I could imagine how embarrassed my father feels.
This is the third time since December he's been hospitalized. In my entire life at home, I can count in one hand the amount of times my father's been to the doctor, and still have fingers to spare.
It's been really hard to figure out how things really are there (at home), that and I've got other critical things to deal with myself..


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