Why I don't want to move back to Ireland

An article that describes what's happened to my home land with this economy.

I often joke that Ireland went from the 1920's to the 1990's, there was no in between.

The 90's were good, but Ireland didn't know enough to invest in the future, it just sucked up all the money
it could. When I started working it was the 4th largest exporter of software in the world.
Somewhat like Iceland today, it just didn't know how to mange it's new wealth..

And it got hammered after the dot-com bubble, I was lucky to be in London at that time.

The world is shrinking, Ireland is about to be crippled again by greed. It frustrates me, it's an amazing place to grow up, I miss the sights, the clean air, my family there, but I couldn't live there again.

My heart is heavy.


  1. davebushe says:

    It's not the best article, some poor research in there. Let's start with that U2 don't pay tax in Ireland, they moved it a couple of years ago. There's been a lot of protest about that in recent weeks...

    Secondly there's a bit too much blame on the government there. We fucked it up ourselves chasing property

    I mean it's bad and it's probably worse than anyone really knows yet but a bit more balanced reporting might help.

    So get that ticket booked to London and ride it all out!

    pjaol says:

    Who isn't to blame?
    People for wanting to get rich and dig themselves out of what Ireland was? Hardly it's human nature, christ's it's
    what drove probably both of us to seek something better.

    Neither of us I think could handle 1920's Ireland again.

    But government is there to lay foundation for the future, control inflation, layout infrastructure, boost indigenous development, rather than relying on the IDA to bring in foreign money.

    It's obvious that emerging nations will always be able to undercut any existing economy or framework, but it's the responsibility of the government to ensure continuity in times of struggle by at least having a frigging plan.

    Ireland is like someone living pay check to pay check. It has the capability of being much better.

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